BASIC Evangelism Micro-Trainings

We recommend taking one of the Personal Evangelism Crash Course options first.

These 10 sessions will refresh you on the basics and can also be used as the first ten trainings in a new 12Church or other on-mission group.

When you are done these, check out the ADVANCED Micro-Trainings.

#1: Pray & Pay Attention!

#2: How to Pray for Your Seeker Friends

#3: Powerful, Simple “Secret Weapons”

#4: How to Craft a Clear, Concise Testimony

#5: One Way to Share the Basic Gospel

#6: How Not to Overwhelm Your Seeker Friends!

#7: This Changes Your Evangelism

#8: Harnessing What’s Already Happening

#9: Leveraging Your Space for Mission

#10: Understanding the Stage Your Friend is At

Bonus: It Really is This Simple!

Check out the ADVANCED Evangelism Micro-Trainings HERE